Configure User-defined Categories

User-defined categories allow precise control over groups of downloads. When queued up, downloads will be placed in the appropriate category. The download's category may also be manually applied later, on the Downloads page.

Properties that may be set for a category, as desired:

  • What priority to give them.
  • The Folder or full path for final storage (relative folders are based of your complete folder, full paths are also allowed)
  • How the file should be unpacked (nothing/repaired/repaired+unpack/repair+unpack+delete rars)
  • The user-script to execute after the download (script defined in [configure-directories config>folders]).

Categories are applied:

  • When the Indexer tag or Group name matches the field for that category.
  • When an RSS feed specifically applies a particular category.
  • When a user changes the category, on the Downloads (main queue) page.
  • When a script adds a download via API (i.e., Sickbeard or other projects).

Indexer tag or Group field

By default, downloads are automatically categorized by Group being downloaded from (i.e., alt.binaries.teevee) or by the Indexer providing the nzb download.

Currently, the following indexers are known to work, although exact indexer tags will vary: Newzbin,,,

In the above example, any job flagged as sickbeard will be unpacked as default, will be stored in F:\tv and afterwards, the user script "sabToSickbeard.exe" will be launched. (For more information as to which fields are provided to post-processing scripts, see user-pre-queue-script.
Also, all downloads with category Games and Wii will be handled as user category "Games" and saved at F:\games accordingly.


  • Each row has its own save button. Remember to hit save after each category change!
  • Basic wildcards are supported. For example, uses subcategories like TV: Divx/Xvid. Instead of listing all possible categories, you may simple use TV*. This is also possible with the news group being matched as well (i.e., alt.bin*).
  • The Watched Folder has support for categories too. This allows you to create a directory named after a category in your watched folder, saving an nzb/zip/rar there will apply that category to it. See the Watched Folder page for more info.

Popular Indexer Examples (see more)

Site Category Subcategory Sab Match Pattern TV Shows > HD TV* to match all TV or TV Shows > HD to match only the subcat TV > SD TV* to match all TV or TV > SD to match only the subcat
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