SABnzbd can read RSS-feeds provided by websites like,, and
These sites will offer you the latest downloads or return results based on some query.

For a list of supported RSS sites see here.

Each feed is analysed using filters.
A filter looks for text pattern in the title of the entries.
A filter "matches" if the text it contains is found inside a title.
You can add '*' characters that will match arbitrary parts of the title.
There are accept and reject filters.
The filters are analysed in order and the first matching one will be selected.

An example will make things clear.
Suppose you subscribe to the feed
The output of titles in this feed could be:

My first baby steps hdtv xvid Part 1
You and me and the dog Part 1
You and me and the dog Part 2
My first teen steps hdtv xvid Part 1
My first baby steps xvid Part 1
My first baby steps hdtv xvid Part 2
The making of My first baby steps xvid hdtv

Now suppose you want to get all "My … first steps" episodes, but only when marked hdtv.
And your not interested in "Making of".
So, you set up these filters:

Reject || making of
Accept || first*steps*hdtv

The Reject filter should come first, otherwise the Accept filter will also pick the "Making of".

For each feed you can set a default category or (when no categories are set up) the job-options.
Also, for each filter you override the defaults (also for Reject filter, but this has no use).

The feed buttons have these meanings:

Save Save the definition (or changes)
Delete Delete the whole feed
Preview Read the feed and apply the filters
Download Read the feed, apply the filters and download matches

Clicking Preview will show a page with the current data collected from the feed.
If you are not satisfied with the result, adjust the filter and click Rematch/Show again.
In case you just want to download a non-matching job, just click the download link.

Clicking Download will do the same as preview, but it will also download all matching jobs.

WARNING: The ',' (comma) and '#' characters are not allowed!.

Regular expressions

If you prefix a filter with 're:' it will be interpreted as a Python regular expression.
Here's a tutorial on regular expressions.
For all the details see the Python manual.

Automatic processing

If you check the checkbox next to the name of the feed, it will be automatically processed.
The time between scans can be set in Config->General, item "RSS checking rate".
Note: you do not need to setup anything in the Scheduler.

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