Introducing 0.7.0


When you upgrade an existing 0.6.x installation, release 0.7.0 will use all existing settings and the queue.

Known issues


Download quota management

For those of you who suffer from ISP imposed limits, SABnzbd can now help you to stay within the limits.
You can set a monthly, weekly or daily quota and SABnzbd will pause when that quota is consumed.
You can also specify the moment when the quota will be reset to 0 again.
Also, whether downloading will resume at that moment or not.
Keep in mind that SABnzbd only measures its own data consumption!
SAB will show the quota usage in the main screen with "Quota left", on the same line as "Remaining" and "Free Space"
See: Config->Switches

Windows Tray menu

SABnzbd will now display an icon in the task bar (system area).
From there you have a few basic functions, making it easier to diagnose and fix some problems.

Multi-platform Growl support

Previous versions only had Growl support for OSX, now also for other platforms.
You can also send Growl messages to other systems.
For more info on Growl, see
There's a Growl client for Windows too:
Ubuntu's NotifyOSD protocol is supported for Linux platform that have it.
See: Config->Notifications

Pre-download check (Experimental)

If you are hit by frequent incomplete and non-repairable downloads and worry about wasted time, bandwidth or quota, there's the pre-check.
Before downloading, SABnzbd will check if enough articles are available on the server.
Currently the job will pause when the downloadable parts of the rar and par2 files together are less than 100.2% of the actual rar files.
Below that you will need to decide whether you want to take the risk of downloading something unrepairable.

Note that this an experimental feature, with the following issues:

  • The pre-download check takes some time, but much less than a (failed) download.
  • SABnzbd calculates the balance between missing articles and available par2 file. However it's not possible to make a completely accurate prediction, that's why 100.2% of the net payload should be downloadable.

The "payload" above means that the downloadable amount of RAR and PAR2 files should be at least as much as the required amount of RAR files. Anything below 100% is by definition not repairable.
Unfortunately due to weak design of the NZB format and the fact that Usenet articles and par2 repair blocks do not match, SABnzbd cannot make accurate predictions. That's why pre-check requires at least 100.2%1. Note that the average post has 110% data.

If you turn on this feature (Config->Switches), it will be used for all new jobs that enter the queue. When something in the queue is being pre-checked, the mouse-over will show "Status: Checking". Note that during this phase, the download speed shown by SABnzbd will be low (for example "7 kB/s"), and thus the ETA will be very high. You should ignore the high ETA.
When a pre-download check fails, the job will go to History with a message like "Download would not be successful, only 99.5% available "in red. You can click Retry if you want to download anyway.

See: Config->Switches

Config->Special page

We have a bunch of special settings that were previously only available by editing the sabnzbd.ini file.
There's now a Config->Special page that gives easy access to these settings.
Don't start tweaking this without first reading what a setting does!
See: Config->Special

Limited retries

Until now, SABnzbd had a problem when one of the servers refused to tell whether an article was missing or not.
This could block the queue.
You can now set a maximum number of retries per server, so after trying for some time, SABnzbd will
assume that the article is missing.
See: Config->Switches

New universal Config

By default the three skins Classic, Plush and smpl will have the same look for the Configuration pages.
This the first step to a single skin for SABnzbd, as we no longer want to maintain multiple skins.
If you're not ready for this yet, you can go back to the full skins by switching off Config->Special->uniconfig.
The Config parts of the current skins will not get any new features!
We will retire the current skins at some time in the future.

Small improvements

  • Getting NZB files from nzbmatrix, newzbin and other sources should now be more robust. At least SABnzbd will try more often (for ever if appropriate).
  • For Usenet servers with multiple IPs per server, SABnzbd will pick a random IP. This supports load balancing done by the server.
  • Previously, parts of unneeded par2 files were downloaded. This won't happen any more.
  • Jobs in the queue now have a pseudo-priority called "Stop", which will send an unfinished job immediately to post processing. Use carefully!
  • Jobs waiting to be post-processed can be deleted from the History. However, not the active job.
  • Unrar for Windows and OSX (Lion and SnowLeopard) was upgraded to 4.11
  • Email notifications will also be sent when SABnzbd fails to download an NZB from an indexer site
  • Lots of small bug fixes
  • We likely added some new bugs too :(
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