Quick Setup

Getting SABnzbd

Windows & OSX

Download the latest build listed on our download page. For Windows we suggest the installer exe, for OSX we suggest the dmg.

Ubuntu Linux (Releases after 9.04 Jaunty)

Install from Apt:

sudo apt-get install sabnzbdplus

If apt does not offer a recent enough version, see here for details on how to install from JCFP's unofficial repository. This method may also work for most other distributions using apt.

Other Unix/Linux distributions

Get the latest Python Source Zip listed on our download page.

Installing SABnzbd


Run the installer, follow the prompts. When prompted for installation options, decide if you want SABnzbd to launch in the background when you log in, if you want it to be associated with .nzb files, and if you want a desktop icon created.


Double-click the .dmg, drag the .app to Applications. You're done!

Ubuntu Linux

You already installed it via apt. After installing, edit /etc/default/sabnzbdplus if you want SABnzbd to run at startup.

Upgrading SABnzbd

For all operating systems, to upgrade SABnzbd simply shut down SABnzbd and re-install. Note: When upgrading from 0.4 -> 0.5, you will lose your queue and history, so we suggest waiting for your queue to finish before upgrading. When upgrading between versions of 0.5, simply shut down SABnzbd and install.

The Wizard

On all operating systems, on first-launch of SABnzbd you'll be presented with our quick-start wizard, which will hopefully get you up and running as soon as possible. Here's a quick walk through the steps of the wizard. All settings in the wizard can be changed later on under the various Configuration pages.


Language Selection

SABnzbd 0.5 ships with five language choices: German, English, French, Dutch, Swedish and Danish. Pick one, click "Start Wizard"


Theme Selection

There are three themes to select from: smpl (New Default), Plush and Classic (Old Default). Pick one, click "Next".


Access Options

First, determine if you want SABnzbd to be locally or remotely accessible. If you've chosen to make it remotely accessible (or if you're just paranoid) you will likely want to set a login and password for the web interface, which you can also do on this page. Then, if you want to enable HTTPS ( see here for more details ) you can turn it on here. Additionally, at the bottom of the page you can determine if you want SABnzbd to launch a browser when it starts. You should probably turn this off if you have SABnzbd set to automatically launch at startup.


Server Setup

On this page, enter the server information provided by your news host. If you are using SSL, be sure to tick the SSL checkbox. Once you've entered your server details, click the "Test Server" button to determine if the connection works.


Index Site Options

If you have an account at NZBMatrix, enter your login details here to be able to use the site integration functionality in SABnzbd.



You've reached the end of the wizard! Once you've reached this page, SABnzbd will automatically restart. Please wait for it to finish. After a few seconds you'll be presented with a link to http://localhost:8080/sabnzbd. You should bookmark this link, as it's how you'll access SABnzbd in the future.

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